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One of the effective tools for promoting your brand on social media is a live broadcast on Facebook. With such a broadcast, you can introduce subscribers in real time to some important event, conference or meeting.

Why live broadcasts?

A properly prepared and conducted live broadcast is positioned by Facebook as relevant, useful content that will be displayed at the top of the page. Even with an outbound link to your site, Facebook will show the broadcast to most interested users.

Live broadcasting on Facebook allows you to maximize the activity of your target audience. The better the quality and informativeness of the video, the higher the activity of subscribers will be. Likes, comments and shares will grow sufficiently. All this happens in real time.

Live broadcasting provides an opportunity to receive important information:

  • View duration;
  • Number of views;
  • Audience engagement.

With such broadcasts you can establish contact with the consumer, find out his attitude to your brand and wishes for improving the quality of services or expanding the product range, if you are engaged in the sale of some product. You can also find out what customers would like to change in your service and what is most important to the consumer in making a purchase decision. All this information is very important for further effective marketing.

What to broadcast and how to do it?

Broadcasting on Facebook can be launched even on an ordinary smartphone, but the stream, carried out with the special software, equipment and technology, looks much better and more attractive.

You can host a scheduled live broadcast to show users:

  • An important event for you or your company. It can be the opening of a new outlet or the presentation of a new service or product.
  • Webinar with active communication with the audience.
  • Videos with recommendations or educational content.
  • Interviews.

Our company has been broadcasting on Facebook for over 6 years, so we are ready to use our experience to help you engage your audience. We constantly monitor trends in social networks, know how to interest the viewer and how to present you as a brand in the most profitable way.

Contact our manager or leave a request on the website to use the service. In advance, we will clarify all the details of the future live broadcast in order to understand your wishes and turn all your ideas into reality.

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