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Video recording of conferences and events at a professional level involves the use of special cameras, the involvement of an experienced operator and high-quality post-production. Shooting has many nuances, requires a skillful approach to the selection of the angle and quick involvement of the operator in the most important and interesting moments. ONLINEINYOU performs video recording of events with one or several cameras with a moderate price policy. Our clients include private specialists, various well-known companies, brands and corporations. You can familiarize yourself with them on the website.

What is the video recording of events like?

Depending on the content, video recording is divided into two types:

  1. Reportage shooting of a conference, presentation, seminar, lecture or other public event. It is an informative video that generally tells about the event and contains footage of it.
  2. A clip about an event or celebration. This is a bright video, collected from the main and interesting moments.

The number of cameras used is also important. We conduct:

  • Single camera shooting. A basic option that is suitable for events with little activity, for example, a speaker from the stage.
  • Shooting with two or more cameras. Optimal for events with a complex program and a large number of guests.

Our videographers have vast experience in creating professional corporate videos. Ready-made videos are interesting, have high image quality, as well as clear and clean sound. The shooting process and the result meet high standards.

You can order video recording and live broadcasting of the event at the ONLINEINYOU studio for various events:

  • city events and celebrations;
  • presentations, press conferences and meetings;
  • corporate holidays;
  • concerts and shows;
  • interviews;
  • birthday or corporate anniversaries etc.

Filming business events, conferences and other events may include:

  1. Only the work of the media crew. You pay each operator hourly.
  2. Complex shooting. Usually, video shooting involves two cameras, sound recording from a camera and a lapel microphone, and its subsequent superimposition on a video sequence using a mixing director’s console. Installation and basic branding are also performed.
  3. Video shooting and post-production with color correction, adding animation for branding, building infographics, diagrams, charts, statistical elements and dynamic components.

We provide a full range of video processing, for which we use the best software and powerful equipment. Depending on the number of cameras and operators involved, the range of equipment used and the services provided, the price of video recording of events also varies. The basic option is single-camera shooting with simple branding. The cost of video recording is formed individually, but at the same time it is subject to the general price.

Order filming of conferences and other events — “ONLINEINYOU” will take care of perfect shots!

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