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Filming of interviews has become widespread in various fields – marketing, journalism, PR, psychology, personnel management, and others. It can also be considered an important element of such events as trainings, presentations, corporate training videos and others. This is what made it possible to separate interview filming into a separate type of work, and not leave it as an element of other video shoots.

The process of shooting an interview is quite complicated, as it has its own specifics and some nuances of conducting. To shoot and properly mount the material, a team of specialists must work, who will be responsible for the key areas of work:

  • Cameramen;
  • Video editors;
  • Motion designers.

ONLINEINYOU studio has already managed to establish itself as a team of professionals who are ready to perform even complex tasks.


Features of the interview video

First of all, it is necessary to decide on the number of cameras that will be involved in the process:

  • Shooting an interview with two cameras allows you to place two people in the frame, as well as to make the process dynamic, to emphasize the video sequence on a wide plan or on other important details.
  • Multi-camera interview shooting is suitable for situations when more than two people are planned to appear in the frame, and there is also a need to create a highly dynamic video sequence.

The organization of high-quality lighting plays an important role.

When recording an interview in a studio, high-quality light is pre-selected to ensure good color rendering and correctly focus the audience’s attention. During further installation, minor additional adjustments are made.

During shooting on the street, maximum demands are placed on the operator and the camera. It is important to be able to quickly change equipment settings due to constant changes in lighting. When working in the dark, it is important to use shooting equipment with high light sensitivity, which will allow the camera to see people’s faces well. The specialists of the “ONLINENYOU” studio use modern video recording devices, which allows to achieve high quality indicators and correct light transmission regardless of the situation.

Filming and editing of interviews are carried out on specialized equipment using professional software. In combination, this approach allows you to get not only a high-quality picture, but also excellent sound, in which there will be no extraneous noise.

You can order filming of an interview both in the studio and in any other convenient place for the client. Our specialists organize everything necessary to create a high-quality final product. The price of filming an interview depends on the following parameters:

  • Number of cameras;
  • Provision of additional lighting;
  • Duration of shooting;
  • Use of auxiliary equipment.

The cost is calculated individually for each client after a preliminary consultation.

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