Full-cycle video production

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As statistics show, the majority prefer information in video format rather than graphics or text. Proof of this is the multi-million daily audience of YouTube. Therefore, the best way to announce yourself to the whole world is to order the services of a video production studio and launch your own video on the network.

But spoiled by a multitude of offers, users stop their attention only on high-quality and interesting videos. Therefore, the choice of a company engaged in their production should be approached very responsibly. Otherwise, your promotion will be in jeopardy and your money will be wasted. ONLINEINYOU is one of the most reliable video production studios in Kyiv. With us, you will receive a unique video of your dreams in a short period of time and at a good price.

Full-cycle video production

Most video production companies provide their clients with a limited range of services. For example, they can only shoot and edit videos, and you will have to either write scripts yourself, find suitable locations for filming and select actors, or additionally contact other agencies.

Video production studio ONLINEINYOU  is advantageously different from most competitors in this regard. We are engaged in full-cycle video production, from start to finish, and you will not need any third-party agencies when working with us.

Our services include 5 stages:

  1. Meeting the client and discussing the video idea. The purpose, context, broadcast location, CA needs, planned budget and special preferences of the customer are defined.
  2. Preproduction. Based on the information obtained at the previous stage, a script is written, actors (or announcers) are selected, and a shooting estimate is drawn up.
  3. Video production. The video is being filmed at the designated site.
  4. Post-production. Editing, voiceover, effects and animations adding, title making and color correction.
  5. Presentation of the finished movie to the client.

Special offers from ONLINEINYOU

The advantages of a full-cycle video production studio are obvious: wholesale services will cost less than working with different agencies. Much less time is spent on video production, and the result of the work of our united team will exceed all your expectations.

We value our customers and offer them the best:

  • Exclusiveness. You can order videos of any genre and direction from us:
    • Products or services ads;
    • Corporate videos;
    • Documentary videos;
    • Art clips;
    • Aerial shooting;
    • Interviews;
    • Image videos.

    Our screenwriters have enough creative ideas so that each video “has its own face”, i.e. it turns out to be original, unique and unforgettable.

  • Luxury class quality. The video production studio guarantees that professional equipment and lighting devices from the best manufacturers will be used when creating the video. All this plus the latest software and the high skill of our specialists allow you to get perfectly clear sound and high-definition images.
  • Price. The cost of our services is affordable for both companies and private individuals. By contacting the ONLINEINYOU video production studio, you will get the best price-quality ratio.

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