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To capture important events of your life or creating a corporate video is a task that should be entrusted to professionals. Most of the time, it is impossible to film the events completely, so the video shooting to order must be high-quality from the first time.

For this, the ONLINEINYOU studio uses advanced cameras that provide shooting with high frame resolution and image quality. Even after a decade, such a video will delight with a flawless picture, enabling its launch on a large screen. Private customers and companies use our company’s videographer service in Kyiv. Information about who we cooperate with can be viewed on the website.

What video recording services are available?

We specialize in various types of video recording

  • Promo videos. The price of video recording is formed individually. The service includes the shooting process, editing, post-production, voiceover and infographic development.
  • Professional filming of presentations, conferences, business events, trainings, seminars. It can be reportage or in the form of a clip. Depends on the time spent and the need for processing.
  • Video presentations of products, videos for catalogs.
  • Filming live performances of musicians, concerts, backstage.
  • Family video shooting in Kyiv. Its cost also depends on the amount of time. Relevant for creating beautiful shots of christenings, birthdays, weddings and other important events for the family.
  • Filming of a children’s holiday. It requires a special skill from operators to capture bright children’s emotions, interesting and valuable moments, and at the same time highlight the main characters of the upcoming video.
  • Interview recording. In the basic version, shooting is done with several cameras and requires minimal editing. The videographer will select the best angles, and the editing director will take care of removing unnecessary moments, smooth gluing and sound processing.
  • Staged videos. They are usually filmed for advertising and various blogs. Often this is a studio video shoot that requires setting up the lighting, organizing the entourage and several takes.

In general, all video recording services are divided into two large groups: reporting and production.

When is reportage videography used?

Report shooting is done in real time, which often requires improvisation from the operator. Her task is to tell about the event. It is most often used for concerts, corporate events, lectures, conferences. The operator films the events without interfering in the process. In this case, location and casting are not selected, a script is not created, etc.

Video shooting in Kyiv can be ordered with basic editing or post-processing, when color correction is performed, animation is added, and branding is implemented. Usually, ready-made videos have a duration of 2-3 minutes.

For static or small events, sometimes the shooting of the reportage is supplemented by the recording of several staging shots, which add activity and liveliness to the video. This especially applies to events without entertainment and informal communication.

Who needs staged videos?

Production video shooting involves working according to the script and recording on the set. It is used for creating films, shooting trainings, advertising, corporate and image videos. This is a complex process, which is being worked on by a large team of multidisciplinary specialists. It consists of the following components:

  • Scriptwriting;
  • Arrangement of the pavilion – selection of location, installation of scenery, collection of props;
  • The work of the film crew, which includes a cameraman, a director, a make-up artist, a gaffer;
  • Use of special equipment – lighting equipment, sliders, Steadicams, dollies, etc.;
  • Post-production – color correction, sound design, creation of titles, animations, infographics for videos.

The cost of such video is formed taking into account the complexity of the project, the time spent, the number of specialists involved, etc.

To order a video shoot in Kyiv inexpensively and professionally, contact ONLINEINYOU – we know how to do it perfectly!

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