Aerial video filming with a quadcopter

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Aerial photography and videography today is a service that is in demand, both for personal purposes and for mass events. The use of such a method is appropriate if necessary to show the real size and location of objects, the mass of events being held, or non-standard shots for various events, for example, a wedding. Drones are also actively used in the film industry, broadcasts of sports events, concerts. The “ONLINEINYOU” studio has modern drones and other auxiliary equipment for creating high-quality video from a quadcopter.

Who needs aerial filming from a quadcopter and why?

Today, there are a number of directions in which the use of video shooting from a quadcopter will significantly increase business efficiency, attract new customers or subscribers. Other options include:

  • Attracting customers with ordinary advertising is becoming more and more difficult due to its excess in the market – it is simply not paid attention to. Creating unusual and creative videos with the use of drones will allow you to engage viewers, which will later be converted into customers. Professionally created advertising using drone video, due to the scale of what is happening on the screen, is able to create a positive impression on the audience from the first seconds and keep it in the future.
  • Video shooting with a drone will be relevant to create special promotional videos for your own business. In this way, you can demonstrate the benefits of the company, as well as originality and adherence to modern trends.
  • The best option for creating a spectacular clip or movie episode. The created frames will be able to impress the public and attract their attention, increase recognition. This option is also suitable for musicians.
  • The film industry for creating expressive location plans, as well as for creating impressive landscape or urban shots.
  • Mass events managers, which in this way can monitor the scale of a concert or other events.

Also, shooting from the air with a quadcopter can be carried out during the creation of additional reporting videos and for a detailed demonstration of real estate objects or land plots.

Today, there are quite a lot of ways to use videos taken from quadcopters, so it is important to emphasize quality and effectiveness.

Why is it better to order aerial photography and video editing from a quadcopter from professionals?

The price of filming a video from a quadcopter in the ONLINEINYOU studio is quite reasonable, and all work is carried out exclusively with high-resolution cameras and on drones with a significant flight duration. Our services give you many advantages:

  • The use of exclusively professional equipment, that provides the high quality of the footage.
  • Experienced pilots with the skills to accurately control the drone during the entire filming period. In this way, it is possible to achieve maximum quality, simplify and speed up the process of further video processing.
  • The price of shooting from the air can be calculated with the inclusion of additional services for processing the captured material, if necessary, the use of auxiliary equipment.
  • The studio’s specialists can perform aerial photography even under conditions of difficult locations, limited space or other obstacles. A high level of aerobatics provides the opportunity to look into even the most difficult points of the location.
  • Editing of the filmed material, color correction, overlay and sound processing, as well as other works will be performed in the shortest possible time. For this, we use advanced equipment and modern PRO-level software. This guarantees an impressive final result in the form of a high-quality video clip.

The price for a video from a quadcopter depends on several factors:

  • Duration of filming process.
  • Difficulty of flight scheme.
  • Additional equipment usage.

The cost of the service is calculated individually for each specific situation.

Order aerial filming of activities, events and objects in the “ONLINEINYOU” studio — we know the trends of video industry!

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