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Reportage filming is used to comprehensively cover the events of any event from start to finish. The main difference is objectivity, when events are shown as they are. This genre is quite complex and involves the exact observance of the chronology of what is happening in the future video. “ONLINEINYOU” studio performs reportage shooting at a price that is comfortable for all customers, in compliance with the canons of the genre and video trends. Today, this format is especially in demand, as it makes it possible to cover events and events as fully as possible and at the same time interestingly and clearly.

Report video features

You can shoot a report for various purposes. Here are the most common we make:

  • Indoor and outdoor celebrations – birthdays and anniversaries, corporate parties, weddings and private events;
  • Children’s holiday video – requires the operator to be as inclusive as possible, to be able to capture sincere children’s emotions and not to miss the brightest moments;
  • Chronological videos about seminars, trainings, conferences, reports and other business events;
  • Entertainment events – concerts, shows, performances, as well as backstage of these events;
  • Video highlighting events within the company, its achievements and innovations. Businesses use such videos to advertise and attract new customers, improve their own reputation, and strengthen their image;
  • News – detailed filming from the scene of events;
  • A sports report reflecting the dynamics of important and key events at competitions.

The cost of reportage filming no longer depends on the type of future video, but on the number of hours spent by the videographer. Editing, branding and, if necessary, post-production are paid separately.

Features of reportage video shooting are the following aspects:

  1. Limited time of the shooting process, determined by the duration of the event.
  2. Dynamism, which consists in the rapid change of conditions;
  3. The operator must quickly react to interesting moments, while maintaining the clarity and quality of the image;
  4. Competent construction of the composition, search for good angles, so that the video includes all the participants of the event;
  5. Versatility;
  6. Strict adherence to timing.

Our videographers do not relax for a minute so as not to miss interesting shots. At the same time, recording can be done on one or more cameras. In the second case, the price of reportage shooting consists of the hourly payment of each operator separately.

The advantage of reporting is its simplicity and cost-effectiveness, as there is no need to rent a studio, use auxiliary equipment and make production shots. Just use the services of our professional videographers with the best video cameras and extensive filming experience. The employees of ONLINENYOU take into account all the nuances of shooting a report, expertly select the best angles and create a truly high-quality product.

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