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Internet broadcasting of events in real time in the field of broadcast journalism has gradually moved to many other areas. With its help, you can solve a whole series of problems of a diverse nature with the least financial and time costs. But it is not easy to organize a quality telecast. It requires a team of professionals and specialized equipment to set it up.

If you want to organize an Internet broadcast of important events at a high level, you have come to the right place. Video studio ONLINEINYOU from Kyiv has extensive experience in this field. You can order the organization of a telebridge in a matter of minutes, directly on our website, at an affordable price and with a quality guarantee.

Advantages of internet broadcasts

The organization of a telebridge is the provision of communication between people located in different places, in real time and with the possibility of feedback. Conducting measures in this mode may be necessary in many cases:

  • To expand the audience. . A scientific, industry or business conference can be expanded without special financial investment. At the same time, you do not need to gather everyone under one roof, rent halls for events and take care of accommodation for guests and participants. It is enough to order the organization of a telebridge – you will be seen and heard by any number of people in different cities and countries.
  • To solve business problems at a distance. Organizing a telebridge is a great solution for those whose business is not limited to one office. Internet broadcasts will help you conduct corporate meetings of employees and educational trainings in different regions, without breaking away from production. It is also appropriate to order a telebridge for business negotiations with out-of-town or foreign partners and investors, reducing travel expenses.
  • For coverage of events with limited access. Most often, this approach is used in medicine and the field of high technologies. The organization of the telebridge is used to demonstrate to the general public an operation or technological process that requires sterility and high precision.

As you can see, Internet broadcasting is really a profitable and convenient business. And during the pandemic, the demand for the online format increased several times due to the impossibility of holding some events live.

Organize a telecast with ONLINEINYOU

ONLINEINYOU video recording studio is a team of professionals working for an excellent result. Our own reputation and the success of our clients are very important to us. The quality of the projects carried out by our specialists is guaranteed by the following indicators:

  • Individual approach. Before setting up the telebridge, we take into account the peculiarities of the Internet broadcast of the current event. Based on individual requirements, a set of equipment necessary for effective problem solving is selected. You don’t need to pay extra for additional services if you don’t need them, and you can always order a telebridge by choosing a package at the appropriate price.
  • Full effect of presence. The technical base and expertise of ONLINEINYOU video studio specialists allow you to set up the telebridge in such a way that you feel like you are personally present at the event:
    • Uninterrupted internet streaming;
    • Flawless synchronization and high definition sound and image;
    • Interactive real-time feedback.

You can order the organization of the telebridge and clarify all the questions that interest you by leaving a request on the website or contacting us by phone.

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