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One of the ways to organize communication with subscribers and increase audience engagement is live streaming on YouTube. Correct preparation of the broadcast and its conduct while maintaining high quality of sound and video will help the viewer to get acquainted with the content and form a positive opinion about the channel.

In order to concentrate your attention as much as possible on content preparation and air rehearsal, entrust the solution of technical issues to our team. You won’t need to worry about finding the right hardware for performance and power, thinking about the right channel settings, and limiting your broadcast if your channel doesn’t meet Youtube’s requirements. We implement projects of any complexity.

What is needed to conduct a live broadcast on YouTube?

To conduct a live broadcast on Youtube, detailed preparation and ensuring the smooth functioning of the equipment for a stable signal transmission is required. Having no experience in conducting this kind of broadcasts, it can be difficult to find your way and keep calm before the broadcast. In order for the planned project to be implemented perfectly, use the help of our team.

A high-quality live broadcast on YouTube, which maximally engages the audience and keeps their attention until the end, requires:

  • A PC with the appropriate technical characteristics to stream videos smoothly;
  • a professional camera, microphone and lighting;
  • a carefully planned program that is filled with exciting content and corresponds to the topic of the broadcast;
  • a trained speaker who knows how to work in front of the camera live and improvise in case of non-standard situations;
  • quality presentation and additional demonstration material.

So that the viewer does not miss the content provided during the online broadcast on YouTube, we will provide fast Internet, high-quality video and sound, as well as timely display of demonstration material.

Why you should order a live broadcast on YouTube from us?

At ONLINEINYOU, the arranging of YouTube online broadcast is carried out taking into account all the wishes of the client, for this we:

  • we will provide all the necessary equipment;
  • we will set up a studio at our place or bring the equipment to your location;
  • we will ensure timely display of presentation material on the screen;
  • we will help organize feedback from the viewer;
  • we will ensure the stability and high speed of the Internet connection.

If your YouTube channel does not meet the technical requirements for a long broadcast, we will make our channel available for use. In this case, your project will not be limited in any way and you will be able to reach the maximum number of viewers during the scheduled time.

You can order webinars through YouTube using a special form on the website or by calling. Call to discuss the details of the project and all your wishes.

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