Arranging of Instagram live broadcasting

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Live Instagram allows you to shoot a video for your followers in real time and immediately broadcast it by analogy with a live broadcast on television. Live broadcasting always gets to the top of the list of stories, so this method helps to make a statement. If Instagram finds your content interesting, the broadcast will be shown in the recommended, which is an opportunity to attract new potential customers.

Instagram is constantly expanding its functionality and makes it possible to diversify broadcasts with the help of filters, masks, group inclusions with other bloggers, answer questions that viewers ask while watching.

Why do you need a live broadcast on Instagram?

Live broadcasts on Instagram help to establish contact with followers, carry out a dialogue and create an emotional connection that increases trust. This is a great opportunity to share your experience and hold a virtual meeting with clients, eliminating the costs of renting and organizing a real event.

When the broadcast starts, all subscribers receive a corresponding message – this is a great way to remind yourself and attract attention. It is important to use this opportunity as efficiently as possible and provide the viewer with high-quality, interesting content with useful information.

How to start and what to consider?

You can run a live broadcast on Instagram on your own from a smartphone, but to make it interesting and engaging, you will need certain investments of both time and finances. For example, the following nuances should be taken into account:

  • Think over the topic of the broadcast and choose a good time when there will be a maximum flow of viewers. According to statistics, it is better to launch interesting thematic broadcasts on working days to get more views, comments and questions from viewers.
  • Write creatives and script in advance to stay on topic and present information in a logical, coherent and consistent manner.
  • Make an announcement on the air and advertise the upcoming event. This is necessary to attract viewers and inform them about the upcoming event.
  • Decide for what purpose the broadcast is organized and choose the appropriate tools for interaction with the audience. If necessary, you can pin a comment for additional information or hide the chat.
  • Prepare a phone with a high-quality camera and fast Internet, a tripod for fixing the camera, a good background, additional lighting devices.

In our company, the organization of online broadcasting on Instagram is carried out at a professional level, taking into account the specifics of your page, the subject of the content and the preferences of the target audience. Call or leave a request on the site to discuss your wishes and goals for which you plan to use live broadcasts on Instagram. We will find the best solution to achieve the maximum engagement of your followers.

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