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ChRomakey RENT

During professional shooting, the use of chromakey technology requires the rental of a green background. This approach allows you to clearly cut out the hero of the shooting along the contour, in order to later replace the plain background with a video or photo image that fits the subject.

To obtain a high-quality result, professional lighting devices must be used. Several light sources are used, which are arranged in such a way as to harmoniously combine the hero with the selected background. It is necessary to adhere to the key requirement – the green background must be illuminated at an aperture brighter than the portrait that is being cut out.

Who needs a chromakey?

Chromakey is crucial when you need to reduce the costs of arranging a studio and using expensive decorations. With the help of this technology, you can:

  • combine objects;
  • use background graphics;
  • add various static or moving objects to the picture.

To create a spectacular video using the popular chromakey technology, the best solution is to order it. Our company offers a choice of two rental options: a background in the form of a mobile backdrop and an entire green studio, which greatly expands the possibilities for video shooting.

If you ordered a photo studio, the green background can be used as additional equipment for themed photo sessions. For this, we provide a portable canvas, which is placed behind the model’s back.

In our ONLINEINYOU studio, chromakey rental is done by prior appointment. If necessary, additional lighting devices are provided. The price is formed taking into account the duration of the lease and the need for additional services. For exact information, call and book a suitable time for filming.

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