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Videos filmed with a professional camera, in an equipped studio and with the right lighting, always get more views and have a positive effect on the image of the channel author or company. If you have an interesting idea, renting a studio for video shooting from the ONLINEYOU company will help you create high-quality content of various types – from a blog to video lessons. We will help with chromakey, professionally set up lights, mix frames from different cameras and add animations, infographics and beautiful effects.

Rent a studio for video shooting – ONLINEINYOU capabilities

We have created a working space in which not only beautiful shots are obtained, but also it is simply comfortable to stay. There is a relaxation area with comfortable chairs, clean drinking water, and the possibility to make tea and coffee.

Renting a video studio based on our company provides the following technical capabilities:

  1. Online broadcasts from the set.
  2. Single-camera and multi-camera shooting with switching cameras from the director’s console.
  3. Output of credits on the air.
  4. “Wiretapping” – ear monitoring.
  5. Teleprompter.
  6. Phone call to the studio transmission.
  7. Video recording or online broadcast on a green chromakey background and replacing it with a photo or other video, including real time.
  8. Displaying the second picture on the screen.


When renting a studio, you can shoot a video yourself or to engage our cameramen. They will implement any idea professionally, select the best angles, set up the lights and shoot the video competently. The services of the operator are paid separately, depending on the number of hours of his work.


Our studios use professional filming equipment, from hi-end cameras to lighting, director’s consoles, prompters, and editing and post-processing equipment. We also have the necessary accessories – hand microphones, ear loops, stand microphones for podcasts, cannon microphones. In our opinion, renting a video studio is a comprehensive solution for a high-quality video.


When renting a video recording studio for a separate fee, you can use the professional editing services of “ONLINEINYOU”. Our employees will competently edit the filmed material, work on the sound, make color correction, apply the necessary effects, etc.

Video studio rental is available to both private clients and companies. Contact us to clarify the price and reserve the room!

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