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Commercials are the most effective tool for promotion and increasing profitability. They allow you to achieve higher results than using other types of advertising. But to achieve the goal, you need to shoot a really “cool” video, and creating such masterpieces is not an easy task.
ONLINEINYOU video production studio offers you to order a commercial and will provide a full cycle of its filming. After looking at the examples on our website and reading the reviews of real customers of the company, you will see for yourself their quality.

Advantages of using video for advertising

The popularity and effectiveness of video advertising is due to a number of reasons:

  • The possibility of broadcasting on television, digital billboards, YouTube, Instagram and other social networks allows you to reach the maximum audience.
  • An original spectacular video attracts more attention than static advertisements. They watch it more willingly and remember it better.
  • In a short marketing video or promo video, you can put a significant amount of material and make it more informative than a long text.

A wide range of videos is hidden under the concept of “advertising video”. They can differ by the following features:

  • Types of shooting:
    • Staged;
    • Report;
    • CGI;
    • Mixed.
  • Purposes:
    • Commercial (presentation of goods or services);
    • Image, or promo videos to create a positive image of the company.
  • Broadcasting platfrom

    Each platform has its own requirements for advertising video. Depending on where you plan to place it (Instagram, YouTube, etc.), its timing and style are determined.

The Internet and television are literally overflowing with different videos for advertising of all types. And in order to profitably stand out against the background of competitors, your video should have the following qualities:

  • originality of the plot;
  • high image quality;
  • professional color correction;
  • thoughtful sound design;
  • fine editing.

That is why it is best to order a promotional video from ONLINEINYOU. Our specialists will definitely be able to remove it in accordance with these requirements and at an acceptable price.

Fast and high-quality shooting of commercials with ONLINEINYOU

Having decided to order a video shoot for advertising from us at the best price, you will receive:

  • A complete package of services, which includes:
    • Choosing a concept, creating an idea and writing a script for a video;
    • Help with choosing a location and departure for acquaintance;
    • Technical support and resolving of all issues during filming;
    • Selection and recording of sound accompaniment;
    • Montage and special effects
    • Presentability. Our specialists will be able to shoot a commercial in such a way that your offers look as profitable and attractive as possible.
    • Quality and terms. The ONLINEINYOU studio has the most modern equipment from the best manufacturers. The creation process is fully worked out, a coordinated and responsible team is bursting with creativity, and video shooting is always fast and high-quality.
    • Price. You can order videos for advertising from us at an affordable price. But at the same time, it will be really impressive and efficient.

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